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Celebrating 50+ years!
John K.

turgis Builders Inc.

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"...I failed to mention, while you were on the phone, how much we are enjoying the addition."

"We've got big windows with lots of light, a dry basement, and a kitchen with table big enough for guests.  Beyond all that, we are enjoying workmanship that exceeded our expectations."
"We have received many compliments and share your name liberally."
"We appreciate the timely manner in which the Spring house rebuilding was completed." 
" ...Your crew was unusual in the manner in which they worked.  The language we heard was clean -- unusual on a construction job."
"...Both John Sturgis and his crew of builders were wonderful to work with.  They ran into several "Glitches" while working on my house.  They all stood by me until every problem was solved, sometimes coming through rain, sleet and high water to make a problem liveable until it could be resolved. I love my addition and thank each of John's crew as well as John and his family for helping it to all happen."
"...The extensive addition and remodeling of our house was not a simple project. We encountered many unexpected difficulties along the way that added significant complexity to the overall job. Yet, the job was still accomplished in a reasonable time frame coinciding with the arrival of a new baby -- whew!!"
"...We were also very comfortable with your style, John. You were up front and thorough regarding the pricing for the job. As to be expected, there were changes on our part along the way as well as unexpected difficulties that resulted in the price changes. Still there were no surprises at the end -- all changes were handled promptly and in writing as they occurred. We didn't always totally agree; however, things were always worked out professionally and amicably."